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Once again Ron Salvio invited America's best race walkers to the heart of the Pine Barrens in Whiting, New Jersey. This year the weather was picture perfect. Sunny, no wind and 40-50 degrees for most of the races. The stakes were high. For the open men and women, the top five American finishers would win a berth on the USA Pan America Cup Race Walking team scheduled to compete in Arica, Chile May 9th – May 11th. In addition, the top three junior men and women would also win berths. All berths are subject to minimum time standards.

In addition, the USATF Masters National 20km championships and the USATF NJ 20km Championships were held simultaneously.

2nd place junior mens - Cameron Haught in 46:35.

1st junior woman - Anali Cisneros - 50:50

2nd junior woman - Katie Michta - 51:19

3rd junior woman - Katharine Newhoff - 51:24.

4th junior woman - Meaghan Podlaski - 51:36

Melville on autopilot.

Mannozzi, the "Italian Stalion" getting a good workout in as prep for his 50km.

5th junior woman - Jennifer Lopez - 53:35.

USA 2015 - Pan American Cup Junior Woman's Team

AC Jamie celebrating with Amberly Melendez (54:50).

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