Why Walk?

Are their opportunities for high school race walkers?

Some states like Maine and New York have a one mile race walk as an event as part of the track and field program in their schools. However, the mile alone doesn't provide many opportunities to compete. By training for longer distances like the 5km or 10km, there are many international events for those that excel. They include:

  • I – World Race Walking Cup
  • II – World Youth Track and Field Champs
  • III – Pan-Am Jr. Track and Field Champs
  • IV – World Jr. Track and Field Champs
  • V – Pan-Am Jr. Cup
  • VI – Youth Olympic Games

Many parents make the mistake of overly focusing a young walker's training only to race walking all year long. However, we believe that training for Cross Country season is fine. It builds a bond with their HS team, gives them respect, and provides a good cross-training opportunity for their young bodies.

Are their opportunities for college-level race walkers?

While the NCAA does not support race walking as an officail event, the NAIA conference does have it as an event. They even offer scholarships. Additionally, many NCAA school are walker-friendly. Schools often have a coach that knows race walking or clubs in the area could support an athlete's efforts. I went to Drexel University and became the school's first race walker, but not it's last. I comepted for Drexel as a member of the varisty track team. Check out our school page for more details.

If you excel in college there are many international opportunities for you. They include:

  • I – World Race Walking Cup
  • II – World University Games
  • III – Pan-Am Games
  • IV – World Track and Field Champs
  • V – Pan-Am Cup
  • VI – Olympic Games

Please note, athletes cannot compete successfully at these races and train solely for the NAIA races. You must treat them like you would a distance running event of the same amount of time.

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