2016 Rio Olympics Race Walking Coverage

Lead Pack 2016 Olympic Men's 20km Race Walk

RaceWalk.com is proud to bring your personal coverage of the Women's 20km and Men's 20km & 50km race walks from Rio. Please see our pre trip story as well as our initial impressions of Rio which we definitely quite different from what the media was reporting. If you have issues viewing these pages on your mobile phone, please hold your phone horizontally. (We are working on it!)

Upcoming Events:

Men's 20km - August 12th - 2:30 PM local time - 1:30 PM EST - Photo Story.

Men's 50km - August 19th - 8:00 AM local time - 7:00 AM EST - Photo Story.

Women's 20km - August 19th - 2:30 PM local time - 1:30 PM EST - Photo Story.

You may wonder what to do in between the races, well I think it's safe to say we maxed out our time in Rio. Jennifer and her wonderful wedding dress were down with me. If making Jennifer video the races and help with the stats weren't enough, we did this and more. Please follow the link to see our One Dress, One Woman, One World project as it visits Rio and Argentina!

One Dress, One Woman, One World - Rio!

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