2016 Women's and Open 50 km and 20 km USATF Race Walk 2/21/2016 "Santee, CA" Page 4 of 4

The Finish is Approaching.

There are still five women on course.

Erin has two laps to go.

Susan has six laps to go just as Matthew Forgues is about to finish fourth in 50K OTT in 4:33:59 at 8:45 min/mile.

Erin is entering the bell lap.

Erin Taylor-Talcott finishes 1st in new WR of 4:44:26 at 9:10 min/mile.

The pause that refreshes.

Susan has three laps to go.

Loretta Schuellein-McGovern finishes 2nd in 5:15:55 at10:11 min/mile. Katie has four laps to go.

Susan Armenta finishes 3rd in 5:27:40 at 10:33 mkn/mile.

Happiness is finishing and being with friend. Likely age group/women world record for 42-year olds.

Well deserved podium for Susan, Erin and Loretta. Results are available here:

Katie is almost there.

Kathryn Grimes finishes 4th in 5:53:05 at 11:22 min/mile. Likely age group/women world record for 52-year olds.

As time expired, Carmen Jackinsky had to step off course, perhaps with some relief, with four laps to go. She received an NT (No Time).

D-tag on her ReShod personally branded shoes was not allowed to cross finish line.

Some day might there be a 50K Olympic Team Trials for Women? Tokyo is in 2020, and 2024 location is yet to be determined.

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