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The W-50K and 20K have sorted out the finishing order and now enters the phase of who will finish and who will not. The temperatures started in the mid 40s, but have rapidly increased to the 50s, 60s and heading into the 70s. For the W-50k, temperature will be a decider, more for speed than abilty to finish, whereas the 20k participants will not have to contend with the the temps or, more critically, the radiant heat from the black asphalt roadway that sits without any shade trees along the 1.25 km loop.

Erin Gray is moving well,

but Katie Burnett is not and has called it quits less than an hour and a half into the 20K.

Carmen has a radiant smile.

Robyn Stevens at the turn around passes the antenna sensor that detects her B-tag on the back side of her bib. This gives the lap split electronically, though human lap scorers still manually record the lap splits. If you look closely at her trailing shoe, there is a D-tag that is detected by the start/finish mat at the start/finish of the race.

This is the electronic gear that records the B-tag.

Trevor Barron is on the edge of the course and is about to make a decision.

He has stopped.

Trevor chats with race announcer Tracy Sundlun.

Natos is showing speed in an uncontested race. He is the sole remaining male in the invitational 20K. He learned big time after his December 2014 encounter with notoriety where he collapsed at 40K enroute to stretching to a 50K, when he was only supposed to do 30K. Speed is the focus for now, rather than endurance that the 50K animal unforgivingly demands.

Emmanuel (Natos) Corvera takes 1st in the invitational 20K with an attention-getting 1:28;58 at 7:10/mile. Coach Tim in blue has been tracking several athletes in the 50K OTT and 20K In four months Natos hopes to meet the OG qualifying time of 1:24:00 at the 20K OTT on June 30 in Salem, Oregon. Nick Christie, who is trying to qualify for the 50K OG standard today, is not even thinking of the 20K.

In the open 20K Molly, Rachel and Miranda have two laps to go.

Like clockwork, but neither of these, Erin clicks off the laps approaching Lap 15 or one short of 20K. The green clock (left) shows the OTT (men) and the yellow (right) the 20K. Once the 20K has ended, the clock will be reset to the W-50K. Confusing? That is why there are lap scorers tracking each of he participants across all three events and dutifully calling off LAPS TO GO as the race progresses.

Susan approaches Lap 17.

Minutes later Loretta approaches Lap 18 of 40, while Rachel and Miranda will have the bell lap in their chatty workout. Molly decided to call it quits.

Robyn Stevens finishes an uncontested 1st in open 20K with a time of 1:44:32 at 8:25 min/mile.

Laughing and smiling, Miranda (right) and Rachel finish the 20k workout today in last place with times of 1:52:32 NS 1:52:33, respectively. All others had either finished or dropped out.

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