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Women are now recognized by IAAF at the 50 km distance for race walk events. This 50 km event was staged simultaneously with the 2016 U.S. Olympic Team Trials -- 50 km Race Walk, but as a separate race with a start time two minutes after the men took off. In addition there was a 20 km open/invitational that served more as a workout or tune up for some who are eyeing the 20 km OTT in Salem, Oregon on Thursday, June 30, 2016 on Day 0 of the OTT for Track & Field.

Due to the Olympic year, this 50K was held in February in combination with the 50K OTT (men only). Both served as National Championships, but number of entrants was problematic. The women had six registered, two of whom are world record holders in open and age-group, but only started five. The men are featured in a companion photo story (link).

The 20K was a USATF San Diego open/Santee invitational event for women/men for nine starters six/three, respectively. Most are from California, but New York, Oregon, Colorado and Mexico were represented.

Coverage of both events will be chronological, as the events unfolded. The 20K started 30 minutes after the 50K OTT.

Favorite Erin Taylor-Talcott headlines the field (left to right), Katherine Grimes, Loretta Schuellein-McGovern, Carmen Jackinsky and a reinvigorated Susan Armenta.

WR holder, Taylor-Talcott got off fast and left the four others to fend for themselves. This would be mostly solo efforts today. Grimes and Jackinsky finished in the November nationals. Schuellein-McGovern is in a debut 50K and Armenta is returning to the sport that she dominated in the U.S. a generation ago.

Loretta and Susan paired up for the initial laps.

Katie was next?

and the ever-smiling Carmen trailed.

Erin started smooth and determined.

Loretta and Susan continued together.

More than 30 minutes after the 50K OTT started, the 20K was ready to begin.

Trevor Barron led the way in the 20K with Emmanuel (Natos) Covera following closely. Note Rachel Seaman (right in green) is content to follow in the back.

Just over 30 minutes into the W-50K, John Nunn and Nick Christie, holding a two-minute head start, passed Erin.

This trio of women -- Molly Josephs, Rachel Seaman and Miranda Melville -- seemed more interested in socializing and chatting than racing. This was but a workout for them.

Miranda (right) participated in the Millrose Games in New York the day before. After posting a disappointing (to her) 6:35.25 mile less than 24 hours ago, she hopped a cross country flight to reach San Diego for this workout. Rachel (left) has already qualified for the Canadian Olympic team in the 20K, while Miranda has high hopes of reaching the Olympic Games qualifying standard of 1:36:00 during the June 30th U.S. Olympic Team Trials for this event in Salem, Oregon.

Hmm, is Miranda asking if she is going slow enough?

Here is quite a quintet showing future stars (Corvera, Christie), current star/Olympian (Nunn), past star (Armenta) and retired star/Olympian (coach Tim Seaman).

Less than an hour into the 20K, Katie Burnett and Erin Gray are pacing well.

Late entry Robyn Stevens is leading the women in the open 20K.

As early as 5 km, the 50K had solo walkers, and now at 7.25 km, Loretta had separated from Susan significantly.

Erin smoothly laps hubby Dave less than an hour into the 50K.

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