Calf Stretches

Race walking uses calf muscles considerably more than other sports.  Stretching the calves helps technique while preventing injuries. Calves are a complex muscle group, so a single stretch is not sufficient. If time permits, executing each of the four stretches presented is not overkill.

Place both hands at shoulder height on a wall or pole in front of your body. Keep your arms fairly straight and your lead leg bent under your body.  Now, place the heel of your rear leg 1½ to 2 feet behind your body. 

Keeping your rear leg fairly straight but not locked in position, place the heel of this foot on the ground.  You should feel a stretch down the outer part of your rear-leg calf muscle. If you don’t, try moving your rear foot back a little farther (remember to place your heel back on the ground after you move your foot back).  Throughout the stretch, your upper body should remain vertical and straight; do not bend forward.

calf stretch

Alternate legs when finished.

Stretching the calves helps alleviate shin pain.

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