How to Race - Race Preparation

Pre-Race Checklist

Race walkers use very little in the way of equipment. Still, before you travel, make certain you prepare everything you will need. Ensure that everything you wear during your race is broken-in and comfortable beforehand. As a precaution, wear your race outfit for a hard workout before you consider wearing it during a race.


Chaffing during a race is quite nasty, not to mention distracting. While some people are more prone to chaffing than others, anyone can avoid this problem with a little planning and effort. First, as mentioned above, properly break in all race clothing, including undergarments, before race day. Next, liberally apply Vaseline or some other lubricant to any areas that friction might cause to chafe. Be careful though, it’s easy to leave some lubricant on your hand and end up with a mouthful of nasty tasting lubricant. Finally, if your race length exceeds 5K, consider storing a lubricant at a water or aid station and reapplying it during the race. By following these steps before a problem occurs, you can virtually eliminate chaffing issues.

Safety Pins

Here’s one piece of equipment a novice often fails to bring along on the day of competition: safety pins. Safety pins are used to fasten race numbers to your shirt. Try to bring at least ten of them to each race. Most race walk competitions require wearing a number on the front and back of your shirt. I use eight pins, fastening one on each number’s corner. Typically race directors provide safety pins; unfortunately, sometimes they grossly underestimate the number of pins they need. Don’t be left with your race number flapping in the wind. Why did I say ten? Ever lose a string in your shorts? It happens more often than people care to admit.

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