Birthday: February, 25th 1971
Current Residence : Miami, FL
Hometown: Portland, Oregon
College: Willamette University


20 km - 1:25:05
50 km - 3:57:54

How many kids grow up dreaming of competing with their friends in the NBA, NFL or the Olympics? Andrew Hermann was no different, except maybe for the fact that when his friend Philip Dunn taught him to race walk, they both became teammates and Olympians! Hermann did not gravitate to race walking on his own. Having competed as a runner throughout high school, Hermann decided to go to Willamette University. An NAIA school at the time, Hermann's future coach encouraged him to learn to race walk so that he might score more points for the school. Hermann sought help from his friend Dunn to show him how to race walk.

Hermann balanced race walking and running throughout college. He competed at the junior nationals and did well at the shorter events. However, since Hermann didn't race walk throughout the year, he had trouble with the longer distances. When Hermann and Dunn were given the opportunity to race a 50K at the US Olympic Festival, they both seized the opportunity. Hermann and Dunn went to the Lake Placid to train for it, with Dunn beating his young protégé at that first Olympic Festival.

Hermann stayed on at Lake Placid and trained seriously for the next year. His hard work paid off with a 5th place finish at the 20K Nationals. This qualified Herman for the Pan Am Cup in Atlanta. The warm weather walking taught Hermann a lesson, he promised himself that he will never train in the wintry climate of the north. Hermann then headed to Lagrange, GA to train with the small group of elite race walkers.

In 1996, Hermann finished 2nd at the 50K Olympic Trials in a time of 4:07. Unfortunately, qualifying for the Olympics also required meeting a time standard, that Hermann never achieved. Instead, Herm Nelson went to the Olympics, even thou he finished behind Hermann at the trials.

Hermann made a bold move and in 1997 moved to Barcelona Spain to train with the Spanish team for a year. Training with the Spanish team paid huge dividends. Herman won the US 50K championships, and came in 2nd in the 20K US championships. His PR's let him to a berth on the World Cup and World Championship teams.

In 1998, Hermann moved back to the ARCO training center, but a series of injuries hampered any progress. So in 1999 Hermann decided to return to Spain to regain his successful ways. The strategy paid off and Herman qualified for the World Championship, the World Cup, as well as achieving the elusive A standard required for an Olympic berth.

Hermann returned to the US in 2000 and trained with Enrique Pena at the ARCO Olympic Training Center. Hermann finished 3rd at the 20K and 2nd in the 50K Olympic Trials. Both races were PRs and Hermann was on his way to the Olympic Games. The season had other successes, a 7th place finish at the Pan AM Cup and a string of successful races in the European circuit. Unfortunately, this success did not continue at the Olympics, were Hermann finished a disappointing 31st out of 56 competitors.

Hermann retired from race walking shortly there after, had a brief attempt at a come back and then retired again within 6 months. Hermann is now a part owner in a company that specializes in high end kitchen appliances, gadgets, and cutlery. Check out one of his web sites at

20K US Ranking by Track and Field News
       1st - 1:25:05
       4th - 1:25:52
        6th - 1:26:52
       2nd - 1:26:07
       8th - 1:28:47
       6th - 1:30:47
50K US Ranking by Track and Field News
       3rd - 3:57:54
       4th - 3:58:57
       3rd - 4:08:00
        1st - 3:58:54
       2nd - 4:05:43
       6th - 4:19:51
Major U.S. Championships (Indoors)
Major U.S. Championships (Outdoors)
        50K - 3:58:54

50K Olympic Games
2000 - 31st - 4:07:18 - Sydney, Australia

50K World Championships
1999 - DQ - Seville
1997 - DQ - Athens, Greece

50K World Cup
1999 - 60th - 4:08:47 - Mezidon, France
1997 - 75th - 1:26:07 - Podebrady, Czechoslovakia

20K World Cup
1995 - 62nd - 1:31:00 - Beijing, China

20K Pan Am Cup
2000 - 7th - 1:26:39, Poza Rica, Mexico
1994 - 22nd - 1:38:25 - Atlanta, GA


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