Birthday: May 10th, 1966
Current Residence : NYC, NY
Hometown: Mamaroneck, NU
College: Amherst College


20 km - 1:26:49

1 mile - 5:52

Paul first started race walking while attending Mamaroneck High School in New York.  In his senior year of High School, Paul won the Mile Walk at the New York State Track and Field Championships.

After High School, Paul attended Amherst College.  As a freshman, he placed second in the 10K walk at the Junior National Championships. (Editor's note: I led him for two laps of this race and then preceded to watch the race from the back of the pack)
As a sophomore, Paul jumped up to 20K races and made his first National Track & Field Team.  During his junior year, Paul qualified for the American Team sent to the Lugano Cup and, for the second time, made the National Track & Field Team.

Paul's greatest accomplishments came in 1988, his senior year in college.That year, Paul won the National 20K Invitational Race walk in Washington, D.C. with a personal best of 1:26:49 . Paul also won the Metropolitan 15K Race walk Championship and set an American record of 1:02:39 for that distance.  While Paul made the National Track & Field Team for his third time that year, controversy was abound. Paul finished the 20K Olympic Trails thinking that he had made the team as he crossed the finish line.  Having picked up two DQ calls early, Paul had slowed down to ensure a place on the team.  Ever the sportsman, Carl Schueller having already made the 50K team, waited for Paul at the finish line. 

Allowing Paul to cross the line in third. Paul thought his Olympic dreams were fulfilled. 

Unfortunately, he received a late DQ card, his third, and was disqualified.  

After college and the Olympic trials, Paul's racing walking career came to an end.  He refocused his energies to attended the Emory School of Law.  Paul is currently an attorney for the Department of Justice.  From time to time, Paul has been known to hop into a race walk.  Just from staying fit with running, it is amazing to see how fast he still is.  

For workouts from September through December Paul wouldn't do as many hard miles and would increase his weekly miles to about 85 miles by adding morning work-outs and doing a longer Saturday walk.

From January through July or August, Paul followed the following weekly training program:

Mon:  Hard 10 miles (7:15-7:30 pace)
Tues:  8 x 1 mile (6:40-6:50 pace)
Wed:  Easy 7 miles (9:00-9:30 pace)
Thurs: 3 x 3 miles (6:50-7:00 pace)
Fri:  Easy 7 miles (9:00-9:30 pace)
Sat:  15 miles (8:15 pace)
Sun:  6 miles (9:30 pace)

20K US Ranking by Track and Field News
       7th - 1:26:39
       7th - 1:28:48
       10th - 1:31:55
50K US Ranking by Track and Field News
Major U.S. Championships (Indoors)
Major U.S. Championships (Outdoors)

20K World Cup
1987– 59th – 1:28:48 – NYC, USA


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