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The men's 50km has a long storied history with today's field containing many champions and challengers. In the past, many strong starts led to defeat. We don't have to look past the 2016 Olympics where Yohan Diniz took a commanding lead only to have his body betray him. How many would be champions looked great at 10km, 20km, 30km, and even 40km, only to learn the cruelty of the last 10km can bring? In under 4 hours, the answer will be found with the 2017 champion.

Then men's race started under perfect conditions and with the added bonus of seven women standing toe to toe.

Jocking for position really isn't relevant at the start of a 50km.

Diniz didn't waste time and moved out on his own.

The pack lead by Nava hoped Diniz wouldn't dispatch them early.

Nava, made a go of it and walked up to Diniz.

The pack cruised through the gardens, now with two targets to keep in contact.

It didn't take long for the for Yohan Diniz to repeat his Rio maneuver and drop Nava as well.

Would anyone step up to challenge Diniz? Horacio Nava attempted not to lose contact.

The pack with many contenders perused but was quickly falling farther back.

Diniz's gap by 10K was commanding as he crossed in 44:28.

Nova 41 seconds back did not look like he could do much to thwart Diniz's glory.

The pack of 15 hit 10k in a respectable 45:24.

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