2016 Men's 50km U.S. Olympic Team Trials Race Walk 2/21/2016--The Road to Rio "Santee, CA" Page 5 of 6

Finisher?s Podium.

The day has had grueling heat that affected all 50K participants and even some in the 20K. Fifteen started the day and only one, John Nunn, would make Team USA if he finished. His steady pace has left all others laps behind.

Bell lap or one lap to go for Nunn.

Nunn has maintained pace and form far better than even he imagined when he started the race. Note his Olympic ring tatoo he acquired prior to the 2012 OTT, which he won, on this same course.

Nunn completes lap 39 of 40 and is on pace to a Personal Best.

Christie has finished lap 37 and Nunn continues on his 40th and last lap.

Nunn is about to lap Christie for a second time.

Nunn, ahead by over 14 minutes now, has passed Christie and continues to openi a larger gap.

Victory and Team USA for John Nunn, who braved a flu-like sickness and amazingly persevered, in 4:03:21 for a PB at 7:50 min/mile. This beat his prior PB of 4:03:28 that occurred at the 2012 London Games.

John and 11-year-old daughter Ella celebrate.

Yeah, Dad!

Announcer Tracy Sundlun asks if it was the cookies.

A faltering Christie has one lap to go and bravely continues even though he hit the wall really hard in the last few laps. His pace started slowing at 35K back in Lap 28 and became quite pedestrian between laps 34 (42.5 km) and 36 (45 km) where his pace dropped to double digits per mile. Yes, greater than 10 min/mile and even as slow as 13:15 min/mile in lap 36 for a lap split of 10:17. Nonetheless, he marshalled his reserves and resources in the last 5 km and creeped up the pace down to the 11 min/mile range and finished relatively stronger in the 10 min/mile range..

Michael Guiseppe Mannozzi, The Italian Stallion, is in third and has two laps to go.

Nick Christie finishes second in 4:22:31 at 8:27 min/mile. His last lap split was better at 8:09, though just 10::31 min/mile, or about two minutes off his target lap pace for the entire race. He was happy to finish.

Did his best.

Michael Mannozzi takes third in 4:31:47 at 8:45 min/mile.

Team USA on the podium. Nunn (middle) takes first, Christie (right) second and Mannozzzi third.

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