2016 Men's 50km U.S. Olympic Team Trials Race Walk 2/21/2016--The Road to Rio "Santee, CA" Page 2 of 6

Alliances Form for Desired Pacing vs. Individual Solo Efforts.

Going at a pace that fits within one's training becomes the key differentiator leading up to the second half of the race at 40K. Nature can raise its hotter side as the morning wanes. Keeping cool is more art than science. It is generally accepted that as the distance reaches beyond marathon length, that is over 42.2 kilometers, sustainable pace is the key to top performance. That is where the race begins.

After Lap 1 Nunn checks opening split with support crew and Christie (behind) is being watched by coach and Olympian Tim Seaman (right).

Veteran Ray Sharp sets his own pace and looks fluid.

Coach Tim cheers up-and-coming Michael Mannozzi (aka, The Italian Stallion) and record-eight-time Olympic Trial participant Dave McGovern, whose wife Loretta is doing the Women's 50K national championship.

Nunn and Christie work with each other while weaving past 20K participant Emmanuel (Natos) Corvera. Women's 50k return-to-action iconic Susan Armenta, whose PR and former U.S. record is 4:39:39.

WR holder Erin Taylor-Talcott passes hubby Dave Talcott less than an hour into race despite spotting him a two-minute advantage due to a later start time.

Pablo Gomez is looking determined. At last November's 50K national champiionships he finished in 5:22:57 during really hot temperatures. Can he do better today?

Three races (50k OTT, Women's 50K and open/invitational 20K) each had individual LAPS TO GO setups. Nunn and Christie went through five minutes earlier.

Steve Washburn and Matthew Forgues, two of the youngest at 21 and 23, respectively, work together with Christie and Nunn closing in to lap them.

Jonathan Matthews, the oldest entrant at 59, is doing a redemption 50K after getting stormed out for the 2012 OTT when missing a flight connection enroute from Montana.

Ian Whatley and Nathan Vanderwall paired up early.

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