2015 Men's and Women's 50km USATF Nationals 11/22/2015 "Santee, CA" Page 8 of 11

The last non-monetary prize is who can finish in under 4:45:00 and qualify for the Olympic Trials. Will there be any quitters, or will persistence and perseverance prevail?

Unbeknownst to the OT hopefuls the qualifying standard for the February 21, 2016 race on this very same course would later be changed to 5:15:00, which in effect would allow a larger field, rather than just a handful. This means that some veteran 50K participants could still be on pace for the revised OT qualifying standard, as well as a newbie (Matthew Forgues) who is in his early 20s.

Ian Whatley enters the bell lap knowing that he could not do one more lap in less than four minutes. Even the elite finishers took over five minutes per lap.

Michael Monnazzi walked a smart race to finish in 4:43:22 or 9:08 per mile. OT qualifier (under the older time, even)!

Dave McGovern has a determined look, as does Matthew Forgues.

Matthew has 2 laps to go.

Ian Whatley crosses finish in 4:48:58 or 9:19 per mile. Last lap took over seven minutes.

Michael Mannozzi, 6th overall in 4:43:22 or 9:08 per mile, feels like #1 after that superb effort in all that heat; 3rd American.

Cindy Robles, lap scorer for Ian Whatley, helps him celebrate finish. And he didn't know then he would be an OT-qualifier under revised standard!

Pablo Gomez is keeping cool under the circumstances and focused on finishing. Erin is on right and about to get bell!

Erin is entering bell lap. How cool is that?

One lap to go! Erin is in 1st place for women.

Pablo keeps form while Erin checks her time.

Dave Talcott is also on bell lap.

Dave maintains form even in this extreme heatů

and is outbound on the last lap.

Coach Carmen is wearing her personally branded Reshod shoes.

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