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Most have settled into a comfortable pace. Because there are shorter distances combined with the 50K, there will be some finishers for the 5K soon. For some in the 20K this will merely be training below race pace with the intent of targeting the Olympic Trials (OT) next year. Making the US Olympic team is a huge accomplishment for some of the race walkers today.

Six pack is moving through. Only Christie is doing 50K so he is pacing with the five or leading them.

For Christie on a windless day there is no disadvantage to leading Seaman, Burnett and Melville.

Taylor-Talcott laps Backlund. With four women in 50K, these two are on world-record pace.

De Los Rios-Banda, leader of 10K competitors at this point, looks askance at yellow paddle for bent knee. Who me?

Switching the lead again so Americans Baron and Nunn set pace with Bonfin and Sanchez.

Seaman, leading and already a Canadian Olympian, has qualified for her 2016 team. Melville, Burnett and Christie are USA Olympian hopefuls. Early in race there are no posted red flags.

It's great to have good things at your personal aid station, but what makes this the best is wife Sue Whatley who travels the nation to support Ian in his race walking ventures.

About and hour and a half into race, McGovern is looking fresh and on pace for a record 8th OT qualifying performance.

Under tutelage of bearded Coach Tim Seaman (and past Olympian), Jose-Luis Ayala-Altamirano powers toward finish of 10K for 2nd place time of 53:57, pace 8:42 per mile.

Seconds behind, Claudia Vazquez-Montoya is 1st female finisher in 10K with a time of 54:00 or 8:42 per mile.

Emmanuel 'Natos' Corvera is following some solid coaching advice and focusing on the 20K for now. Lesson learned after after last December's impromptu 50K attempt ended at 40K.

Part of Natos' training is to be sure to replenish fluids, energy and electrolytes to avoid any nutritional issues for the longer races that he'll likely move up to a few years. For now Natos is easily on pace for 20K OT qualifying time.

Americans Nunn and Barron resupply at the halfway point in hopes of bettering the 4:03:00 Olympic qualifying standard. Pace so far, if sustained, would be under 4:00:00. Days after this race the standard was changed to 4:06:00.

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