2013 USATF 50km Nationals - Photo Story

The weather couldn't have been less pleasant. OK, a bit of an exaggeration, but it was not a bright sunny day for sure. Ron Salvio could not have been more prepared for the weather and a top notch trials race. Organization was impeccable, the course looked great, and every issue seemed to have been prethoughout. It was also a great day for USA race walking. Admittedly, I wasn't too motivated to roll out of bed for a cold (45 degrees) rainy March march. Still, with the race 20 miles west of my house and a flood of great American (and future great) walkers congregating in South Jersey my dog and I headed to th e races. All I have to say is I was impressed at every level. While the men's and women's races recorded great times (see photo story), what really left it's mark was the passion of our junior walkers. Topping it off is, these kids are the kind of kinds you want to help. Perhaps, USA walking's future is not as dim as we feared.

Start of the World Cup Trials - 2014

John Nunn (12), Francisco Pantoja (13), and Patrick Stroupe (19) were the early favorites.

2014 USATF - World Cup Trials

Indeed John was comfortable taking an early lead with Francisco Pantoja and Kenny Perez.

2014 USATF - World Cup Trials

In addition to the USA walkers, we had a few foreign guests. Here Kenny Perez paces with John Nunn.

Patrick Stroupe - 2014 USATF - World Cup Trials

America's fastest milkman passed off the lead pack.

2014 USATF - World Cup Trials

Following behind was a second large pack lead by Nick Christie, Rachel Seaman, Alex Chavez and Ray Sharp.

2014 USATF - World Cup Trials

One of the great aspects of having a combined Mens, Womens, and Junior walk is the ability for walkers to pull each other along. Seaman came looking to break records, even if they were her own, and Nick Christie was there to help.

2014 USATF - World Cup Trials

Similarly the Peters brothers (Anothony [29] and Alex[28])walker with Miranda Melville. Who was helping who? Does it matter?

2014 USATF - World Cup Trials

With the field for the World Cup going 5 deep (given that the athlete walk faster enough to make their qualifying standard) there were many exciting races. Here Susan Randall leads a pack containing the two top junior women walkers in her quest to qualify for the women's open team.

2014 USATF - World Cup Trials

Katie Burnett chose to walk alone, but with the same goal. Qualify for the open women's team!

2014 USATF Race Walking World Cup Trails

John Nunn continues comfortably in the lead.

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